Photography by Alexander Boulton Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was, and still is today, one of the most influential and famous American architects. Designing 1,114 architecture works of all different types and creating some of the most monumental and intimate spaces in the United States, Wright changed the way we build and live. With a career lasting more then seventy years, his works earned him the title of “greatest American architect of all time” by the American Institute of Architects’. If your home has a garage, a living room, or an open floor plan, the way you live is being directly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s innovative residential architecture. The way homes are designed today is so familiar to us that it is hard to imagine how radical Wright’s “organic architecture” was to people during his lifetime (1867-1959). When Wright was setting up his practice in suburban Chicago more than 100 years ago, American architecture was dominated by European styles that dated back hundreds of years. Wright came into the design world at a time when the United States was struggling to define its architectural identity. Most fashionable Americans still wanted their buildings, like themselves, dressed in European styles He drew his inspiration for his native architecture from the vast, flat prairie landscape of the Midwest, where he grew up. His Prairie style homes and buildings are distinguished by horizontal lines on the exteriors and emphasized by a low-pitched hipped roof. These buildings would later be merged with an organic design that was the base of his later buildings. Content derived from the following source: http://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/01/19/flwrightprofile