Frank Gehry is an award-winning architect based in Los Angeles, California. Born in Toronto, Canada, Gehry has spread his signature Deconstructivist style in all parts of the globe.


The Jay Pritzker Pavilion stands 120-feet above ground, the billowing “headdress” composed of individual brushed stainless-steel ribbons to frame the stage and connect to an overhead trellis of crisscrossing steel pipes.


The pavilion and Millennium Park have received recognition by critics, particularly for their accessibility; an accessibility award ceremony held at the pavilion in 2005 described it as “one of the most accessible parks – not just in the United States but possibly the world.”

Architectural Style

After the phenomenal success of Gehry’s design for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, critics began referring to the economic and cultural revitalization of cities through iconic, innovative architecture as the “Bilbao effect.”