PHOTO: Frank Gehry by Claudia Herstatt
PHOTO: Frank Gehry Model; Edited by Aurelien Lemonier and Frederic Migarou
PHOTO: Pritzker Pavilion by Shannon Perkins
PHOTO: BP Bridge by Janberg Nulud

Every once in a great while, there comes a figure that defines an era through their actions. A person that contributes to society in such a recognizable way that long after they have faded, their work will live on and affect society and shape its course. This is possible through art, through innovation, and for almost the past 60 years this is possible through architecture, because of Frank Gehry.

PHOTO: Frank Gehry Apple Poster by Marta Herford

Canadian by birth, but Los Angelen by choice, Gehry drew powerfully from the world around him. This can be seen in his creations that are characterized by usage of unconventional fabrications and bold, modern shapes. First with commonplace materials, furniture and fixtures, the name Frank Gehry became associated with unexpected expression that was a welcome addition in the home. Over time, he grew to prominence in large-scale architecture work that drifted so drastically from the traditional, intriguing the all. He brought unimaginable forms to life, while keeping the functionality of a structure that the public could enjoy.

Deploying cutting-edge computer technology, both he and his team realized shapes of unimaginable complexity, and therefore became responsible for contributing some of the most well known architectural structures in the world to society. Gehry has become a famous personality in both professional and popular culture, his trademark whimsy impossible to resist. Both he and his team still continue to create today through their practice in L.A., as the world awaits the originality that has become his signature.

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