Frank Gehry was the someone who everyone always knew would become an architect at some point in his life. From building toy cities out of wood when he was a child to building crazy structures in cities across the world. This renown architect has left his mark on the world.


Architecture was not the only thing that Frank Gehry was good at. During his life he decided to branch out and explore different elements of design such as stage design, exhibition design, and jewelry design.


Frank Gehry is the architect behind one of Chicago's most famous pieces of architecture in the whole city, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. He shaped the way music can be heard through this interesting structure.


The neighboring structure of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion is the BP Bridge, which just happens to also be designed by Frank Gehry. The sound barrier this bridge provides from the road below is unlike any other bridge in the world.


I've been to Millennium Park many times, but never once did I know who created these structures. It was a different experience knowing a bit of history behind these two interesting pieces of architecture.

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