Parent-Teacher Communication

At Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool, we recognize that outstanding communication is an essential component of a high quality school experience for any parent. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with an unparalleled level of timely and high quality information regarding your child's social, language, emotional and cognitive development.




Each child has their own portfolio binder, which is updated routinely by their teachers. By documenting the children's work through photos, videos, written words, and displays, teachers tell the story of the children's early childhood experiences. Every child will have their own portfolio, consisting of artwork, photos, and information related to developmental milestones, and more.


As children transition into older programs, the portfolio transitions with them, and at the end of your family's Enlightened & Empowered experience, the portfolio is yours to keep as a record of your child's progress through the years.



Take Home Journals

We understand that you're busy! Finding time to connect with your child's teacher can be a challenge, especially when juggling work and parenting responsibilities. Our Take Home Journal is an excellent resource for staying apprised of your child's weekly endeavors at Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool. This journal allows for ongoing written dialogue between teacher and parent. Your teacher will write a paragraph or two in the journal every week, providing information and communication regarding your child's development.


By sharing this continuous dialogue, the school and the family strengthen the shared responsibility inherent in the educational process, which helps enhance our learning community in a manner consistent with the REAL Early Childhood Curriculum approach.


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