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Thank you for your interest in Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool. We welcome you to learn more about our school and the dynamic programs that we offer for children. At Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool, we firmly believe that our child-centered philosophy, outstanding teachers, and unparalleled level of communication will provide you and your child with the best possible early education and child care experience.


At Enlightened & Empowered Kids, we believe play provides the unique setting in which, when scaffolded appropriately (intentional, individualized, differentiated), children can freely practice thinking, communicating, planning, collaborating, implementing, learning, creating skills and capacities we humans have. When children are over-directed to adult-chosen activities, the fight or flight responses take over and the brain shuts down healthy brain “pathway” growth and development. Instead, when warm, responsive, and consistently caring attachment relationships are formed, the child’s brain is free to create and allow for exploration of many more divergent pathways.


At E&E we value who a child is rather than measuring a child’s value by “what” he or she can do.


Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool offers a new approach to early childhood education where parents, caregivers, and guardians can bring their enrolled children, as well as other family members, to learn and develop in an environment fostered by creative play.  This means infants and toddlers are welcome in our classrooms, as are siblings, grandparents, and other family members.  Our REAL Early Childhood Curriculum is by its very design simultaneously both individualized and community-oriented.  Parents and families learn and sustain nurturing and supportive positive parenting efforts.

 Documentation Children's work is documented for every child through individual portfolios, and learning experiences are also communicated using journals, portfolios and daily highlights.  Environment Preschool classrooms are equipped with unique theme related features, as well as the basic supplies and equipment needed to offer a diverse experience all based upon the idea of meaningful play.  Locations We love being part of your community! Currently, we have two different locations, Batavia and Winfield.




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Bethany Lutheran Church

8 South Lincoln Street

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Winfield United Methodist Church

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