REAL Early Childhood Curriculum

Curriculum What does it mean to be REAL Early Childhood Curriculum inspired? The REAL Early Childhood Curriculum approach to education integrates the major tasks of development while focusing on the importance of meaningful play. We view each and every child as strong, independent, curious and full of imagination. With the implementation of meaningful play, we empower children to think, question, investigate, and explore during their learning journey. Children’s unmet needs for consistent loving and care travel with the child until, and/or if, those needs are met. Thus, The REAL Early Childhood Curriculum is: R—relevant and research-based to help children accomplish the major tasks of early childhood development E—enlightening and empowering each and every child A—authentically individualized to meet each child’s needs L—loving, because love and care are the real foundation of education in early childhood REAL Early Childhood Curriculum offers children the opportunity to accomplish the major tasks of development. The science of early childhood research, including research on the brain, has uncovered the foundational and highly inter-related and co-influencing four major tasks of early childhood, the development of self-worth/esteem, humanity-esteem, self-regulation/inner self-discipline, tools of the mind. Our teachers and staff observe and document the interactions, discussions and fascinations of each student. By observations, the curriculum develops and emerges from each child's interests, ideas, and creativity. Project Work Our educators deliver this through emergent curriculum through project work and "homework", which allows children to explore their interests in great detail. Teachers are thoughtful about introducing a broad range of opportunities, from art to music, in support of meaningful play. Exploring projects of children's interests in great detail, children are excited by the learning process. This enthusiasm for knowledge, combined with the ability to experience project work in detail, will foster a predisposition for "life-long" learning.


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