On September 24 we hosted Starts/Speculations in Film: Expanding the Design Conversation, a special night of screening a selection of films from the Chicago Film Archives. Each of the chosen films represented an area for future exploration and another avenue for examining of the role of design within our city and our lives. The evening included work by Gary Brown, the Film Group, Goldsholl Design & Film Associates and Rhodes Patterson.

Inspired by the past century of design achievement and looking toward the future with insight and creativity, Starts/Speculations represented an anthology of work from Chicago’s graphic design legacy and a glimpse into how the tools we use to design and communicate could evolve and influence our interactions in the future.




On June 28 we had an opportunity to host the fine folks of Camp Firebelly for a tour, workshop, and competition. For the unfamiliar, Camp Firebelly is an intensive apprenticeship for 10 talented folks who are looking to break into the design profession. The summer camp is hosted by Firebelly—some of our favorite do-gooders.

The campers were assigned a task: raise awareness of our institution by persuading individuals to come into the space. We divided the campers into five groups of two, and sent them into the loop armed with low-tech tools—a dry-erase board and markers. We gave each group a stack of flyers to distribute. The duo who sent the most people into the space would win $200 of merchandise from our store.

In 90 minutes, the campers managed to send us 90 new patrons. That’s one a minute—record attendance for us!

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