Pump for peace is a global initiative  focused on making action sports more accessible no matter your age, race, gender or religion.

Pump Tracks


Pumping or the action of using your bodies up and down momentum to generate forward motion is a great way to exercise. It is both a fun and exhilarating when combined with banked cornering and ramps. Its also something anyone can learn how to do on anything with wheels in just a matter on minutes.



Pump tracks promote peace by giving everyone who uses them an escape from every day life in a fun and thrilling way that promotes a healthy life and that anyone can pick up.  Having fun together promotes tolerance, and thats what we aim to promote


See What We

Can Accomplish

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All donations go to the building of pump tracks underprivileged communities and countries along with fund raiser events that also help generate the funds to build pump tracks

Get Involved

There‚Äôs many ways to get involved from simply sharing one of our posts on Facebook  to coming out to a pump for peace event and lending a hand. With so many ways to get involved we hope to see your support and the change it brings.

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