A limited admission animal shelter providing a safe haven for over 2,400 animals each year.

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"Muffin is a love muffin! She needs a little time to warm up to you, but once she does she will be looking to give "rubby-rubs" to her humans and will happily accept a good ear and chin rub in return."

"This sweet boy will happily sit quietly by your side and lend a listening ear. It's hard not to fall in love when you look into those soulful brown eyes that say, "Come sit down with me and tell me all about your day."



Torbie/Domestic Shorthair

13 years, 10 months



Shepherd/Anatolian Mix

4 years, 3 months

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Every day, we care for over 150 animals in our shelter. Our volunteers make this possible! We offer a variety of exciting opportunities designed to provide the best quality of life for the animals in our care.


Tails is 100% donor and service funded.  We rely on support from our community to continue providing our life-saving services.  Thank you for your support!


Tails Humane Society offers a variety of low cost animal care services to members of the community. These services help ensure successful adoptions and long-term pet-owner happiness. We rely on the incredible support of our community to provide these life saving services.

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