Favorite Animal Assisted Therapy Organization.

Making People
Smile One Pet at a Time

Since 1996, our amazing and devoted
volunteer Chicago animal assisted therapy teams have brightened the lives of adults and children in hospitals, rehab centers, long-term and memory care facilities, nursing homes, adult day care and hospice.

We are always looking for
volunteers. If you or someone you know are interested in becoming part of our volunteer teams or have a pet who would be a great therapist, feel free to contact us!

Donating to Pet Partners of
Greater Chicago ensures that our therapy animals can continue to bring a smile to the faces of those who need it most. Your contribution is appreciated.



Our Therapists



This little ball of
energy enjoys playing with his patients. He has only been a therapist with us for one year, but he has made a great impact already.

He is always happy to see anyone, especially if you give him treats. His favorite thing to eat is cheese burgers, and he always shares.


1600 S Prairie Ave,
Chicago, IL 60616

708. 209. 8604


She has been a
therapist with us for five years and doesn’t plan on leaving us anytime soon. All her patients say she is the the best cuddle buddy.

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